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Thursday, November 01, 2007

E-mail may increase real estate sales: Constant Contact survey

E-mail May be the cardinal to existent estate agents looking to sell in a soft lodging market, with nearly 60% of existent estate agents using e-mail merchandising to increase sales, according to a recent study by e-mail selling services house Changeless Contact Inc.

Almost one-half of existent estate agents surveyed said that determination new purchasers and selling place among their top challenges. Many of these existent estate agents are using e-mail to pass on about place lists and unfastened houses.

More than 35% of respondents said that they have got rented or sold a place as a consequence of an e-mail selling campaign.

Among selling methods, e-mail selling ranked highest in cost effectivity and velocity of delivery, according to respondents of the survey.

In addition, 40% of the agents surveyed make their ain selling to pass on with clients and bring forth business, 24% of the respondents said that e-mail selling is faster than other channels and 26% said that e-mail is less expensive than other selling methods, including direct mail and black and white advertisements.

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