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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why Did I Pick Lightyear Alliance As My Network Marketing Company?

Network selling is an industry that works. Especially when you do certain a figure of variables are in your favor. If you don't "stack the deck" in your favour you decrease your possible for success. Let's spell over a few of import facts that led me to my decision.

Most people have got been approached by person at some point in their life to see joining a web selling company. In today's economic system , where can you acquire into a concern for under $500 with the chance to do important further income over and above what you do at your current job? The reply is nowhere, unless you acquire lucky in the stock marketplace or win the lottery. This is probably the implicit in fact that thrusts many people to see web selling as a feasible business.

When considering a web selling company, I am really not concerned so much with the entry cost. The ground for this mental attitude is that I have got establish that whether the entry fee is on the less end of the $500 or the higher end, it doesn't do a serious impact on your ability to turn a profit. For me the greater issue is two fold...what make I have got to make EACH calendar month to measure up to make money, and how much do I acquire paid when I convey concern or reps to the company? Focus on these two issues and you will be more than likely to fall in a company that tin do a difference in your life.

In Lightyear Alliance the makings to do money are not only very easy but also low-cost for everyone. The ground for this is that the services that LY offers are services that we as people and concerns use every day, and pay for every month. Truly, when a LY rep states you you don't necessitate new money each calendar calendar month to measure up he is being straightforward.

Let me inquire you a question...are you planning on paying your telephone set measure this month? How about your cell telephone bill, cyberspace entree bill, or artificial satellite television bill? What would go on if you stopped paying those bills? Wouldn't your service be interrupted? Of course. Well, in the LY concern theoretical account your makings is simply to use LY for these services. Here is the great thing about this.. LY have contracts with most, if not all the service suppliers in the communicating industry. So when you are talking about cell telephones you will still be using Verizon, Cingular, Nextel, T-mobile, etc. When you change over to LY local and long distance services on your place telephone you are still using the Bell South Network if you are in the sou'-east (for example). You are simply billed by LY for the same quality services. The company also offers state of the fine art in house VOIP services and the best international charge per unit career card game (that actually give you the proceedings that you pay for).

One other of import measure up for bonuses you begin at needing only a mere 2 LY services. As you advancement in the company, 10 LY services will measure up you for the residuary income program. In my peculiar case, between cyberspace service, cell telephone programs for my family, local telephone service, artificial satellite tv, and VOIP lines, I have got 10 LY services ON MY OWN! And since each of these services are either the same, or in many lawsuits less expensive than what the name trade name service supplier offered it for, I am also reducing my costs for these services calendar calendar month after month. (By the Way...the LY services that aid you measure up can be your ain services or a combination of your ain services and those that other non LY reps utilize as well). So, either way...very simple to qualify.

If there was something called a no brainer in the web selling business, this is it!

Let's acquire to the money devising part...How do you make money with this business? Well, the company pays handsomely for bringing new reps into the concern as well as one clip bonuses when services are added to your account. That makes not even see the very generous residuary income program. The percents of residuary income on LY services is better than most companies out there and in many lawsuits beats out them by a lot.

If you have got read this far, you are obviously either interested in starting up a web selling company or comparing yours to LY.

I would urge that you chink the nexus in the resource box below titled...GetPaid4Bills. This volition take you to a page in which you simply come in some little info. It will then take you to my land site which will explicate all the details. Feel free to reach me as well by electronic mail and we can hook up and talking about it.

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To great success in all your endeavors!

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