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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Networking - Meeting New People - Why It's Difficult To Do And How To Overcome It

First myth. Only some people (namely you) are uncomfortable meeting strangers. The fact is EVERYONE is uncomfortable meeting strangers. We can probably fault our parents for this 1 too. (Always a convenient trick). We have got been taught from the cradle to "not speak to strangers" for a very good safety reason. But it have got carried into our grownup lives and it really doesn't substance what the occasion, the huge bulk of us really have a hard clip walking up and meeting person we don't know.

This haps certainly in societal occasions. Rich Person you ever been to a political party where there are respective groupings of people? You know, work friends, vicinity friends and maybe athletics baseball club friends. And pretty much during the course of study of the political party they stay in 3 distinct groups, each eyeing the other seeing if there is person interesting, assemblage the courageousness to "cross the line". Really sort of silly, isn't it?

Similar things go on at concern networking events. You see the newbie's (that don't cognize anyone) standing up against the wall, drink in hand, looking like a cervid in the headlights. You see the "old hands" together, but seemingly in their ain small clique's chatting away with people they obviously know. And there are a few courageous psyches circulating around the room.

So how make you ran into new people?

The solution. Just make it. Honestly, it really is the trick.

Try an experiment. Go up to person that you don't cognize (you can make this anywhere) and greet them. Bash they seize with teeth your caput off, snarl, tally to the bathroom and wash their hands, give you a fed up look? NO! Of course of study they don't. In fact, especially if they were standing around and not interacting with someone, they're probably thankful that person approached them.

Next measure is to make that whole networking thing. Get to cognize them, inquire them oppugns about themselves and so on. Good opportunities you'll ran into an interesting person. Think about it. You wouldn't have got met them if you didn't just seize with teeth the slug and travel up to them. So now you did, hopefully you had a good conversation, met an interesting person, maybe have got something in common. Now what? Repeat.

Meeting new people should be enjoyable, not some chilling hurdle to overcome. Part of the jitteriness is that you are putting yourself out there, that you are representing yourself, your company and your product. That you necessitate to see if they are a prospect for your services. Well, halt that! Really, cut it out.

The fact of the substance is networking isn't about selling; it's about creating and edifice relationships. So return a deep breath and understand that the first clip you ran into someone, you shouldn't be "selling" or "prospecting", you should just be getting to cognize them, construct a resonance and happen out what they make and so on. And the biggest, coolest fast one in the book is...


Ask them what they do. Ask them where they live. Ask them how they like their job. Ask them what involvements them. Ask them to clear up something when you don't understand. Ask.

People love to speak about themselves especially if you demo an interest. So, inquire away! You're not on the hook. You're not on the topographic point to "produce answers", you acquire the opportunity to cognize person and the conversation will flux pretty naturally.

And there will be a conversation. At some point they will inquire about you, so yes, you still have got got to have an lift address about yourself and what you do. And who knows, as mentioned before, you may happen a common interest, even a ground to make concern together. But the primary focusing is to present yourself and acquire to cognize them.

Whew! Sound a spot easier now?

I go on to be a strong extrovert; I'm a really outgoing guy. But even I had a tough clip acquisition this and I even sometimes have got problem today going to an event and just getting started. But I go on to be a concern coach, and I assist people. When I see the individual standing alone, its something that I can aid in a little way. So I travel over, present myself and inquire what they do. And off the conversation goes. I have got met a batch of great people that way. Many times, I've been able to take the newbie and present them to person else, person with a common interest. That's networking and that's life. In retrospect, one of the great things about my work is meeting a broad scope of people with a broad scope of callings and experiences. It promotes me to cognize more. And what a great topographic point to be.

So spell ahead, state hi. Introduce yourself and ASK. It can be merriment and a great usage of your time. And who knows, the adjacent individual you ran into could stop up being a colleague, a gateway to your adjacent job, a client, a imbibing buddy, a friend. And it begins with you walking up to them.

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