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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why Do You Network?

After disbursement the last four old age organizing concern networking events, I still don't have got the reply to why some people travel to them.

The lone end for most people who go to networking events looks to be to accumulate concern cards. They have got the feeling of a great event if they come up back place with 30 or more than concern cards.

How many of you follow up with everybody after each event? How many people who you met follow up with you?

When One develop people on networking, either one-on-one or in a grouping and inquire those two questions, I usually have got the same answer.

"Oh yes I follow-up, I direct an electronic mail the adjacent day". My adjacent inquiry is, "What make you make after this email?" and the usual reply is, "Well, nothing, because I don't cognize what to make next".

So what is the intent of disbursement two to three hours at a networking event and pay $20 to $50 each time, if it is just to travel and state hullo to some people who you will never reach again. Repeat the procedure two to three modern times a week, and this is a large waste material of clip AND money.

I recently attended a concern expo, and, of course of study I met a figure of people. I didn't take everybody's' concern cards, only the 1s I had an involvement in. I also spoke with the proprietors of two different booths, because they had a merchandise I was interested in purchasing. I asked all of my questions, explained why I needed the product, gave them my card, and asked them to reach me to fold the sale after the expo. This was a very easy sell for them, but invitee what? None of them followed up with me or even returned my e-mails. Well, they both lost a sale, because I didn't happen them to be very professional.

I think that if they didn't follow-up with me, opportunities are that they didn't follow-up with other people either. So what was the intent of having a tabular array at this expo?

What is your end when you go to a networking event? Are you trying to acquire new contacts to purchase your merchandise or service, or make you give the chance for people to acquire to cognize you, as the first measure of your networking system?

People are always surprised in my preparation when I state that I never seek to sell anything during an event. One of my secrets is that my concern card mentions, "The Connection Queen", which usually acquires me tons of remarks and questions:

"How make you talk with strangers?",

"How make you present yourself without being pitchy?"

"How to you go forth people if you are not interested in what they are doing?", and so on.

My only intent is to listen to people, see how I can give them a contact, a resource, or some advice. It demoes them my expertness without merchandising anything, but offering them to take part in my free e-course, "15 Way to Maximize Your Networking Results", to acquire the reply to all of their questions. Offer them my free e-course is a manner to acquire them to sign-up for my weekly newsletter and acquire a opportunity to cognize me, trust me, and later, purchase my merchandise or service when they are ready.

I go to networking events to construct a long-term relationship with people, not to accumulate concern card game or to sell anything.

So why make you network?

Try to believe of your scheme for a moment. Diagnostic Test different approaches; halt merchandising and start implementing a follow-up system. You will acquire much more than consequences and will pull your ideal clients, and only your ideal clients, the 1s who really appreciate your services. Clients who like and trust you, clients who regard your cognition and experience, and, very importantly, clients who will work with you in the long term, will mention you to people like them. This agency more ideal clients.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Are You Networking or Putting Up Billboards?

More than ever, networking selling groupings are playing an of import function in promoting yourself and your products, or services. If you are not involved in any web selling groupings at this time, you may desire to see checking out a few.

Now, I did state checking out a few... not joining a few. Choose well, because it isn't necessary to fall in respective in order to be successful in your networking efforts. In fact, most concern people simply make not have got the clip to interact and construct human relationships in more than than one or two web groups, allow alone a dozen. Belonging to a web selling grouping connotes a certain amount of duty on your portion as well. You should take a grouping with a common subject or common goals, so that you have got something to convey to the group. No, not just your merchandises or services, but your expertise, wisdom, and experiences. You should be willing to interact with the messages posted by the other members, share your ideas, and yes, even impart support when applicable. Network selling groupings should really be more than about you and your chap members.

Yep, your merchandises and services should come up second. Well now...fancy that!

And, as with any relationship, it takes clip to construct your credibility. It takes clip to construct the assurance needed for the members to desire to buy your merchandises and services from YOU. And, as long as it takes to construct your credibleness up, it only takes a split 2nd to rupture it down. Wanting blink of an eye results, false bravado, blazing insincerity, and messages that expression more like hoardings on a busy highway, probably will not nett you a positive tax return on the clip that you have got wasted posting. On the impudent side, if you fall in a web selling grouping and are seeing 90% of the latter just mentioned, like the wind! In my low opinion, this is not a web selling grouping in its truest form.

While I have got joined different web selling groupings in the past, there is only one that I experience fortunate....truly fortunate..... to be a portion of, and that I experience is deserving my time. I state fortunate because I am surrounded by women just starting their businesses, and with women who are true leadership in respective different industries. Whether, newbies or "institutions", these women are so generous in sharing, not only their experiences and wisdom, but there fears and doubts. I bask the camaraderie, as well as the candor and the blunt interaction. I larn from them all and wonderment if I can possibly give back what I receive. Oh, and yes, concern is done each and every day; and there is always the chance to advance our ain services, products, and opportunities.

This is a grouping web that I urge on my website,, and to anyone who is looking to fall in a credible, professional web selling group. The name of this web is HER Originator and is hosted by a truly unbelievable woman, Heidi Richards. This web is establish at (a planetary network). You make demand to fall in RYZE in order to then fall in HER Mastermind, but both are free. I can state with assurance (or I wouldn't state it at all), that this web is definitely deserving checking out. And, as I have got said elsewhere, "if you desire to play in the same sand box that talented and professional women do, you will desire to fall in HER Mastermind"

***Disclaimer*** This above blurb for this peculiar selling web is my sincere opinion, and I am not in any manner an affiliate for HER Originator (just a member), and as much as I would absolutely love it, I am not being paid large vaulting horses for this endorsement".

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sales Success Timing of Selling and Prospecting

Have you heard of the rudiment definition of selling? It's an aged expression, "Always Be Selling." Okay, it's really ABS, but is there a best or right clip to be selling? Are there a best clip for prospecting?

According to an October 2006 article in Psychology Today, increasing research golf course our morning time time time or eventide styles of life and working directly to our personalities.

David Dinges once said something to the consequence that morning people be given to be introverts who are painstaking and driven, while nighttime birds of Minerva are more than often unprompted extroverts.

How makes the morning or eventide style tantrum you? Once you happen a "Yes, that's me!" reply to one of the styles above, then this guideline is what to follow because it is when you will be at the extremum of your merchandising cycle.

What about my prospects style? If you have got got assessed your prospect's style through your observation skills, then follow what you have learned. If you aren't certain, then you can inquire certain inquiries or expression for certain behaviours to find just what their style is.

There is no clip like the present for prospecting, regardless of when the referral or initial contact is made. Simply do your phone calls when you have got done some research on who you are calling. You could explore the company, the profession, the industry, the person, or all of these. Ideally you desire to cognize something about the individual you're calling before you do that first all of import contact with them.

And when are you selling? You are always selling, whether you recognize it or not. Whenever you are communicating with a prospective client, you are most likely "selling" or trying to act upon their busing decisions. It might be an idea, a product, or a service, but you are likely selling. This should unclutter up the significance behind the old expression," Always Be Selling."

Put This Idea Into Action Now:

1. Can you place right now, a referral, a Pb or other prospect who you have got been procrastinating career or talking with?

2. What one thing can you be after to make to happen out something more than you cognize already about them? (Hint: Can you reply the proverbial 5 W's about them - who, what, when, where, and why?)

3. Before your caput hits the pillow tonight, what can you make to happen this out? Bash your prep and then schedule the call.

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